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Top 10 PPC Strategies to Get You A 3x ROI in 2023

NIDMM ~ Modified: August 29th, 2023 ~ Google Ads ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for the best PPC strategies?

This article will come to your aid if you’re looking for PPC strategies to increase your ROI. Today, the majority of businesses are online, as has the entire world. Spending on advertising is necessary to increase brand recognition, exposure, and conversions, of course. Any firm may really benefit from it.

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Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a digital marketing term. Every time a user clicks on an advertisement, advertisers must pay a set charge. Marketers may consider purchasing visits to their website in place of organic visits if they want to improve traffic.

Since there is little to lose and the firm has control over their budget, this means that you are paying for all the traffic that these ads create rather than just the predicted impressions.

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The 7 Types of PPC Ads

PPC ads come in a variety of forms. It is advisable to utilize a permutation and combination of these types of ads to maximize ad results, even though you may have access to a wide variety of PPC ad types.

1. Search Ads

The adverts that appear in search results are known as search ads. The top and bottom of a search engine are frequently where they are located. There is a disclaimer that makes the payment for the content clear.

2. Paid social media ads

Social ads are any type of paid advertisements on social media. You might use a variety of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

3. Remarketing Ads

Have you ever been on a website and then seen an advertisement for the same company? Yes, this is the main goal of remarketing advertisements. It helps re-engage users who have visited a platform but made no purchases.

Invest in remarketing advertisements if you know that consumers are curious about your company but just need some time to think about your items. PPC ads for real estate function nicely with this model.

4. Display Ads

You can reach potential customers with display adverts, a sort of pay-per-click advertisement. All of Google’s partner websites use these ads, which are typically more visually appealing than textual in order to catch users’ attention.

The objective is to increase brand recognition and recall among your audience. These are wise PPC ad options for both real estate and travel.

5. Google Shopping Ads

The top-ranking ads that appear when you search for a specific product are known as Google shopping advertising. Before the user clicks on the website, it provides a preview of the prices, products, and ratings.

They get a sense of window shopping because they can compare pricing and the types of things offered.

6. Video Ads


The advertisements that appear before any video site, such as YouTube, are known as video advertising. These advertisements may appear both before and during the video. It could be full-screen, unskippable, or even just a small bar to the side. The goal is to guarantee your brand’s visibility.

7. Sponsored Gmail Ads


Although email marketing is a fantastic way to connect with people, it has certain drawbacks, such as running out of databases to send emails to. Targeting customers who are actively looking for the goods and services your business offers is easy with paid Gmail ads.

These advertisements have the ‘ad’ tag and show up above the Gmail inbox, but they otherwise look like any other generic email.

You must be able to distinguish between these ad types with clarity in order to better comprehend PPC strategies.

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Top 10 PPC Strategies to Grow Your Business

1. Make use of lengthy keywords

Three to five words long phrases are known as long-tail keywords. It is a very good method because search volume increases with the term length. Everyone should employ this basic PPC strategies because the high-quality traffic these PPC ads generate has a higher chance of converting.

2. Improve insufficient data

Google will reportedly start offering incomplete data because it wants marketers to rely on the accuracy of its machine learning data, according to the press.

Therefore, rather than concentrating on the search phrase alone, the ideal method to succeed in such circumstances would be to find repeating patterns in the search requests.

Additionally, it’s critical to optimize the data that Google will still provide.

3. Automation in PPC Strategies

One of the newest PPC techniques is automation. PPC is no different from the rest of the world, which is headed towards automation. Give your data in a way that the algorithm can easily sort through it and provide you with the best outcomes. For your PPC approach, several excellent industry-standard automation solutions include Sywdo, WordStream PPC Advisor, Optmyzer, etc.

4. Fourth-party data

Instead of relying on third-party cookies to extract data, put your efforts into finding first-party data retrieval options, which offer more customization and precise informing tactics.

The sooner you switch to first-party data, the more successful it becomes since data is going to be the next big thing.

5. Ad Copies

Even if you’ve identified the ideal target market and have the ideal money in place, your campaign will fail if your ad copy is weak. Perfecting your ad copy such that it resonates with the audience requires the same level of focus and effort. Using the team’s input is one PPC tactic for producing stronger ad copies.

6. Harmful keywords

If you are paying for your advertising to appear on specific keywords, you don’t want them to be diluted by appearing on completely unrelated but similar phrases. To avoid appearing for certain keywords, use the negative keyword option of the Google search engine.

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7. Bidding tactics

You need to master the slightly technical notion of bidding in order to advance in PPC. Though adequate in some cases, Google’s automated bidding method is not the greatest. There is no room for customization or amendment. So, choose manual bidding.

You might make a few mistakes, but after you figure out the technique, you’ll see how well manual bidding works. It is constantly modifiable to fit your campaign objectives.


One of the most well-liked PPC techniques and a must-use is RLSA (Remarketing lists for search advertisements). As a result of their high intent and high conversion potential, specific search queries require their own remarketing campaigns.

9. Change up your platform mix

Don’t limit yourself to Google PPC advertisements. You can also add Hotstar, Amazon, and Utilize the substantial viewership these websites have been receiving.

10. Campaigns for retargeting

Retargeting involves showing display advertising to visitors who have visited specific pages of your website or app. To re-engage potential clients who previously expressed interest in your product.

Given that the consumer is interested but may need some time to convert, this can result in potential conversions. This makes it possible to develop brand recall with conversion as the end result.

Final Words

With so many PPC strategies available, be sure you have a comprehensive strategy in place that will maximize the return on investment for each PPC ad. Connect it to other social networking sites as well for a wider audience. We advise taking the advance digital marketing course if you want to better grasp it.