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NIDMM's courses are mostly aimed at persons who need to enhance their skills. Our course material and associated liabilities can be found at Our goal is to stay updated with the latest industrial advancements. As an outcome, NIDMM refreshes its curriculum regularly to ensure that its learners have a seamless training time. Alterations in the syllabus are conveyed to the students regularly through information boards, websites, emails and other means.

It is the responsibility of students to make a note of those modifications. These modifications to the courses were made to keep the content material with the recent technological developments. The organization reserves the power to change the course curriculum at any time.

You should be at least 18 years old to enrol in a NIDMM programme. The admission and enrollment of students in a course is a legally binding agreement to complete the course and settle the entire fees. The admission form is to be filled out d and signed by the student to indicate that he or she agrees to abide by our terms of usage. The fees can be paid by direct bank transfer to the centre's bank account.

Remember that any bank fees are to be paid at the time of payment, or else the student would be fined when they arrive. Please send us a copy of the deposit slip through email or fax. Upon payment please write the name of the student. Make a check payable to NIDMM.

Cancellations & Reimbursements

The registration costs as well as any additional fees you make during the time of course learning are non-refundable. When NIDMM is not able to provide you with a slot in our program after the payment, then you would receive a whole refund.

When you skip a session for any reason, no refunds would be offered and you may not be able to make up the skipped classes. Those students who participate in 70% or much of the classes will obtain a certificate at the end of the semester.

In the event of severe misconduct, NIDMM reserves the right to cancel your course without refunding any money. As a result, you should conduct yourself appropriately within the academy. Through the usage of our NIDMM website, you agree to obey the terms of usage and privacy policy of is. Please give the information which is correct and full.

We update the terms of usage frequently, it's your role to monitor the changes in terms of usage each time you enter our official website. NIDMM is not responsible for any damage/loss you feel as a consequence of our policy shift.