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Digital Marketing Internship in Delhi With Full Details

NIDMM ~ Published: July 5th, 2024 ~ Marketing ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for digital marketing internship in Delhi? Then you search ends here.

Almost all businesses in today’s time want to take their business online and promote it online, so there is a great need for skilled digital marketers here. A digital marketing internship provides hands-on experience and is basically your first step to successful digital marketing. 

So in this comprehensive guide, we will basically learn about the concept of digital marketing internship, learn about the benefits and give practical advice to aspiring interns. Additionally, we will also know how we can prepare for these opportunities by completing a digital marketing course in Dwarka, so let’s start.

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Digital Marketing Internship For Students


What is Digital Marketing Internship?

Digital marketing internship is basically temporary positions that the company offers to individuals who are recent students or those who wish to gain practical experience in the digital marketing industry.

So, interns basically perform various digital marketing tasks and campaigns and provide support to fellow marketing teams. Interns are basically given activities like content creation, social media management, email marketing etc. 

The internship period is basically from a few months to a year. It basically depends on the availability of interns and the company. So, now let us know about the types of digital marketing internships.

Types of Digital Marketing Internship

There are many disciplines in digital marketing and the internships are specialized on these specific areas, so some major types of internships are:

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Internship

A digital marketing internship basically comes under the digital marketing course and provides numerous advantages so now we will know about them.

1. Hands-On Experience

The interns get an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in real world scenarios. Here,  you get practical experience, which is important for your career.

2. Networking Opportunities

Secondly, you can build your connections with professionals in this industry, which is quite beneficial for future job opportunities.

3. Skill Development

Thirdly, interns learn many digital marketing tools and techniques, thus their overall skill set is enhanced.

4. Job Offers

Fourthly, many companies hire their interns for full time positions as well, so after the internship period, those who perform well.

5. Understanding Workplace Dynamics

The interns get to understand professional etiquette, teamwork and work culture, which prepares them for full time roles.

How to Get Digital Marketing Internship in 2024

To find a good digital marketing internship, you will have to make an effort and do research, so we will tell you some steps that you can follow.

Research Companies and Agencies

First of all, you have to identify organizations that are known for their digital marketing expertise and then you have to check whether they offer internship programs or not. National Marketing Projects provides internship opportunities in their company.

Utilize Job Portals and Internship Platforms

Secondly, you can check on some website like LinkedIn, Indeed etc. Here you will get to see internship opportunities.


You can use your networking to make professional connections. You can attend industry events or join some digital marketing groups so that you can keep learning about internship openings.

Apply Directly

Fourth, you can visit the company’s website and apply directly from their career portal. So if you send them a speculative application from your side, then you will also get good results from this.

Career Fairs and Industry Events

Fifth, here you can attend career fairs and industry firsts so that you can meet the recruiters and the recruiters will then keep you informed about the available internships.

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How to Prepare for a Digital Marketing Internship?

Now we will know how to prepare for your digital marketing internship after digital marketing course completion.

Build a Strong Resume and Cover Letter

So first you have to make a strong resume or cover letter. There,  you should highlight your course work, projects and skills, and you have to create them by enhancing them well. 

Create a Portfolio

Second, you have to create a portfolio where you are showing your best work, like a blog post or a social media campaign where you have got good results.

Prepare for Interviews

Third, you have to prepare for the interview, you have to read about interview questions and you have to understand everything about your known interest in digital marketing and your relevant experience.

Understand Digital Marketing Basics

Fourth, you have to familiarize yourself with some important concepts and tools related to digital marketing, so if you complete a digital marketing course in Dwarka, it will create a solid foundation for you.

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What to Expect During a Digital Marketing Internship

Now you must be wondering what we can expect from a digital marketing internship. So basically, here you will get to see different tasks and learning opportunities. Now let’s understand a little about it.

Day-to-Day Tasks

First of all, you will have tasks like content creation, social media marketing, keyword research, etc.

Training and Mentoring

Secondly, there are many companies that also offer training sessions and some matters are assigned so that the intern is guided in his task.

Project Involvement

Thirdly, the interns also get a chance to work on real projects that contribute to the marketing efforts of the company. So here you get practical experience.

Feedback and Evaluations

Fourth, you will get regular feedback and evaluations, which will help you understand where your strengths and areas for improvement are.

Post-Internship Steps

Once your internship is over, you have to apply some steps so that you can leverage your experience.

Reflect on Your Experience

First, you have to reflect on your experience. Think about what you have learned and how you can apply it to your future work.

Update Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Second, you have to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. There, you can include your internship experience and also tell about the projects and achievements you have had.

Request Letters of Recommendation

Third, you will need a request letter of recommendation. Tell your supervisor that you need a recommendation letter so that he can support you on your future applications.

Apply for Full-Time Roles:

Fourth, you have to apply for full time jobs. You can use your internship experience to apply for digital marketing jobs.

Continue Learning

Fifth, you have to keep learning. You have to stay updated on digital marketing trends and also go for further education and certification. Some of these are offered at a digital marketing course in Dwarka.


Digital Marketing Internship is also very helpful, through which you will be able to develop practical experience and essential skills and at the same time, you will also be able to network with industry contacts.

So you have to prepare effectively and try out all the opportunities you get so that you have a successful digital marketing career. If you want to enhance your skills and knowledge, then you can join the Digital Marketing Course in Dwarka.

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