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What Is The Cost Of A Digital Marketing Course?

NIDMM ~ Published: June 1st, 2024 ~ Marketing ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Do you want to know about the cost of a digital marketing course?

As organizations shift from old strategies to new digital ways, digital marketing turns out to be important for everyone. Not very far in the past, organizations, for the most part utilized traditional promotion techniques to publicize their brands.

In any case, as additional individuals all over the world began utilizing the web, these old techniques started to show their weaknesses. The business world extended national boundaries and became worldwide.

Digital marketing made it simple for organizations to reach the worldwide market. Along these lines, the requirement for computerized promotion specialists has been developing.

The demand for digital marketing has prompted the production of numerous digital marketing courses and projects. You can take these courses on the internet or face-to-face. They range from short, essential projects to additional, definite, high-level ones.

What is a Digital Marketing Course?


It is a course that shows the techniques and tools expected to grow a business using digital marketing. The principal objective is to create a mission that publicizes an organization on the web and social media.

In this course, students figure out how to advance and promote their products and services on the internet by utilizing different digital techniques successfully.

These courses have become exceptionally famous in schools and colleges. Students find out about various areas of advanced promotion and their motivations. 

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Eligibility for a Digital Marketing Course

  1. For Those with a Degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Content Creation, You can undoubtedly pursue a digital marketing course.
  2. For a Basic Digital Marketing Certification Course, You probably completed secondary school (12th grade) with something like 50% in any stream.
  3. For a Diploma in Digital Marketing, You want to have somewhere around 50% in your twelfth grade tests
  4. For a postgraduate diploma, you really want to have something like 50% or a passing grade in any discipline.

Why enroll in digital marketing courses in 2024?

Signing up for digital marketing courses in 2024 is a good decision because of multiple factors:

1. Popularity: It is urgent for organizations today. As additional organizations move on the web, the requirement for digital marketing experts is developing. This implies more open positions and vocation development.

2. Flexible Abilities: Its abilities are adaptable and appropriate to different enterprises. Whether you’re keen on retail, innovation, medical care, or some other field, its information can assist you in succeeding.

3. Professional success: Learning this can support your profession. It opens up jobs like search engine optimization expert, content writer, social media manager, and much more. These jobs frequently come with great compensation and development potential.

4. Remain Cutthroat: The business world is cutthroat, and digital marketing is fundamental for remaining ahead. By acquiring these abilities, you can assist organizations with drawing in additional clients, further developing brand perceivability, and increasing deals.

5. Flexibility: The digital marketing course offers adaptable work choices. Numerous digital marketing job positions should be possible from a distance, giving you the opportunity to work from anyplace.

What is the Digital Marketing Course Duration?

We always think about the duration and the cost of a digital marketing course. The term of the course depends upon its level. A fundamental course generally lasts around 90 days. High-level courses can be six months long. For individuals who need to become digital marketing experts, courses can last between 8 and 12 months.

Below is the name and cost of a digital marketing course offered by NIDMM:




Digital marketing certification course

6 months

₹ 44,999

Advanced digital marketing course

3 months

₹ 24,999

Digital marketing diploma course

3 Months



1. Internship Certificate

2. Course Completion Certificate

3. Google Certificate

Digital Marketing Course Fees: Region Wise

The cost of a digital marketing course can be different depending upon the establishment. Many organizations in India offer these courses. For example, the cost for a DMCA certificate is around INR 35,000. The charges are set by institutes in view of a few elements:

1. Kind of Institute: Government, Private, or aided

2. Location: Where the institutes is based

3. Institutes Rating: The review and rating of the institute.

Government colleges typically charge a low cost of  a digital marketing course. Private colleges or institutes charge more, with a typical cost between INR 60,000 and INR 1,00,000 for each semester.

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Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Digital Marketing Course

The cost of a digital marketing course can shift in view of various elements, including:

Types of Institutes 

The kind of establishment offering the course plays a huge part in deciding the cost. Government schools and colleges frequently get financing, permitting them to offer courses at lower educational expenses compared with private establishments that depend entirely on student charges to cover costs.


The area of the school or institute can influence the cost of a digital marketing course. Institutes that are arranged in metro cities or regions with a greater expense of living might have higher charges to cover working costs, leases, and other above costs.

Institutes Rating

Schools or institutes with a high standing and quality training standards might charge higher expenses for their courses. The persistent worth of the foundation’s image and the nature of schooling it offers can impact the estimation.

Course Content 

The profundity, expansiveness, and nature of the course can influence the expense. Courses that cover progressed subjects, give active reasonable preparation, or proposition inside and out bits of knowledge into digital marketing  procedures and devices might charge higher charges because of the additional worth they give to students.


Courses that deal with perceived certifications upon completion, such as Google Analytics or HubSpot certifications, may have higher fees. These certificates add validity to the course and can improve student’s resumes, making them more alluring to bosses.

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The cost of a digital marketing course can change a ton due to things like how the course is set up, how long it endures, what it covers, how great the instructor is, and any additional stuff it offers.

By understanding these things and thinking about what you believe you should do in your career, you can pick a course that gives you the most for your cash. Whether you go for a free web-based course or a major program at a college, learning this can truly assist you with taking better care of your business. Explore various digital marketing courses at NIDMM.