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How to Target Audience on Facebook? Learn Masterful Strategies

NIDMM ~ Modified: September 4th, 2023 ~ Social Media ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Discover how to construct a target audience on Facebook that is relevant and successful step by step.

First and foremost, Facebook advertising has always placed a high priority on audience targeting.

By the conclusion of this blog, you will know the best and most effective ways to target audience on Facebook.

But before, ponder the following:

Would you see irrelevant advertisements?

YouTube has been displaying adverts to viewers for years. Have you ever skipped through some YouTube adverts or waited till they finished playing while watching a video?

Perhaps you were waiting for the skip button to show up.

That indicates either poor advertising or poor audience targeting, I guess. Who wants to watch advertisements that are not relevant to them?

To master the art of advertising, you need adhere to a single golden rule.

As much as you can, segment your target market. Increase your significance by focusing on a smaller audience.

Every social media network is subject to the same regulation. Similarly, on Facebook.

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Let’s examine why segmenting your target audience on Facebook is essential when running Facebook ads.

Importance of Segmenting Target Audience On Facebook

You should be aware of your target audience on Facebook with identity as well as their preferences, dislikes, and areas of interest. Additionally, you need to learn what type of advertisements your customers love to view.

It’s crucial that you fully understand this in order to interact with your Facebook audience and win their business.

Additionally, if you’re going to invest money in Facebook advertisements, make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Given that a customer might not even wish to purchase your product or service, why waste money on them?

You should take use of target audience on Facebook feature to advertise to the appropriate group of individuals who could require and be interested in your good or service.

Not only that, but before beginning, one should be aware of the numerous advantages and conveniences of Facebook Advertising.

It is crucial for you to segment your target audience since Facebook advertising allows you to concentrate on the individuals who are most likely to purchase your good or service. This is one of the reasons why people choose Facebook advertising.

In reality, this is the foundation of digital marketing as a whole. Digital marketing is more about targeting consumers and generating revenue from those who already have the potential to become your customers than it is about gaining more likes or comments.

Without further ado, let’s look at some strategies for creating and enhancing a successful target audience on Facebook.

4 Ways to Increase Your Target Audience on Facebook

1. Start With a Mixture of Fundamental Demographics

The first step in generating an ad on Facebook is selecting the region, age range, and gender of your target audience.

This is one of the initial phases that will define how profitable your advertisement is. If you do your homework and figure out who and where your consumer base is, you’ll be able to target the right demographic.

Each of the three solutions below has benefits and downsides of its own.

Residents in this area

Companies who have their target market based on a specific area might utilize this option. Retail establishments, for instance, might utilize this choice to promote their goods and services in the neighborhood.

People who were just in this area

You may use this option to find people who were just in this region. Although “recently in” may also indicate “currently in,” utilizing “recently in” isn’t a good idea unless you know what your targeting strategy is because Facebook only uses mobile GPS to target.

People Traveling in this Area

This refers to people who are in the selected area as determined by the device and connection information gathered by Facebook and who are traveling more than 125 miles from their home location.

This option is available to travel agencies, rental car providers, and businesses that offer discounted packages or deals.

However, since location isn’t very exact, we don’t advise utilizing it as your lone choice when targeting a place. However, this does not imply that you should never use it.

For example-

2. Select Your Clients Depending On Their Income Level

Your marketing should reflect the target audience for your business or product if it is people with a particular economic level.

Under the Demographics heading, you may target people according to their income, net worth, or liquid assets.

Your selections under income come in a variety of ranges, as indicated below. These range from 40 to 49 thousand, 75 to 99 thousand, 100 to 124 thousand, and so on. All of these ranges have an estimated audience size based on the target you’ve chosen.

Let’s dissect it with an illustration. Facebook will target 14 million people in the 30–40K income range with ordinary settings in the United States, ages 18–35, all genders, and no language restrictions.

Now, if you own a high-end luxury jewelry company and want to target individuals with incomes of at least $500K because they are more likely to purchase your products, that is a valid alternative.

The reach drops to 1.2 million individuals for the 500K group. This is a much smaller market than the 30–40k income bracket. Choosing this choice makes sense as a result.

Data may differ since they are not as accurate and are subject to change. However, not all of them use Facebook or have data accessible through Facebook’s source, despite the fact that there are obviously many more individuals in that economic bracket living in the United States.

As a result of the statistics being based on guesses rather than actual reported or documented facts, we would like to caution you that this technique isn’t particularly dependable. However, you may always try this out first to see whether it’s a good fit for you.

3. Organize Your Audience According to Educational Level

Knowing the level of knowledge of your target demographic enables you to customize a campaign’s tone and language.

Consider if your product is appropriate for customers with a particular degree of education. Those with a Bachelor’s degree should be your target audience if your institution offers Master’s degree programs.

Demographics includes a section on education. With a bachelor’s degree or higher, 68% of Facebook users. Facebook offers a lot of possibilities to connect with clients who have completed their secondary school if that is your target market.

4. Think About the Workplaces of Your Target Audience

Are consumers in a certain sector or profession drawn to your product or service? You can choose to restrict your audience by work categories in the demographics area.

You may do a search for a certain employer, profession, or sector. The numbers below show how many people work in each industry:

For example-

You must choose the industry, job title, or both after choosing the work option if you want to further limit your target audience. Since the above chart indicates that 400 million people might potentially be reached, you’ll need to make fewer choices in order to speak to your intended audience.

As you can see from the figure, your potential reach drops to 1.3 million persons with an expected daily reach of 11 to 33 thousand after selecting “Architecture and Engineering” under the industries option.


Here is an illustration of a focused advertisement for architecture and engineering:


To target only specific job titles, you may be even more specific in your advertising. Consider holding a training on some current internet behaviors that HR should take into account for their employees.

Then you may use Facebook to target everyone who works in human resources for businesses.  By targeting those who could really be interested in the item or service you’re selling, this will increase your conversion rate even further.

Final Words

We recently looked at the 10 most efficient methods for using Facebook to locate and promote to a target demographic.

That’s not it, though. You need to be familiar with every option on the market if you want to use Facebook Advertising to its full potential. You must thus become familiar with Facebook Advertising before engaging in it.

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