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How to Repost on Instagram: 7 Tips to Reshare Content

NIDMM ~ Published: October 16th, 2023 ~ Marketing, Social Media ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Instagram is a strong social media platform to assist with expanding brand reach and driving new business, yet it very well may be tedious and costly to reliably share content you want to see your commitment fill in the long haul — which is the reason you ought to figure out how to repost on Instagram.

In this blog, we’ll show you different free approaches to repost on Instagram in a couple of basic advances. However, prior to making a plunge, we should examine the reason why reposting on Instagram can help your brand.

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Why Should A Brand Repost On Instagram?

Instagram is perhaps of the biggest social media sites available in the market. With north of one billion month to month dynamic clients, marks that integrate the site into showcasing methodology can contact bigger crowds and gain perceivability quicker over other virtual social media channels.

Also, with a group of people like that, you need to reliably post excellent content— yet that can require some investment, exertion, and assets that may not accommodate your spending plan presently. Since most advertisers post between 3-4 times each week, you ought to have an excess of content to stay aware of interest.

Moreover, user-generated content (UGC) performs extraordinarily well. As a matter of fact, 90% of shoppers say UGC holds more impact over their purchasing choices than special messages and even web index results.

Repost on Instagram can assist you with featuring brand supports from your clients, image followers, and workers. UGC is normally viewed as more dependable since a buyer isn’t acquiring anything by advancing your item or administration (except if it’s a commercial) — they’re simply doing it to let their crowds know that they like your item. 

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How to Repost on Instagram?

Instagram permits you to repost other users Reels and presents on your own Instagram Story utilizing its local reposting usefulness. Be that as it may, it has its cutoff points: It doesn’t let you repost to any long-lasting part of your Instagram profile, including your feed, Reels, or recordings.

As such, Instagram just allows you briefly to share another person’s content for 24 hours max. To keep it forever, you can add it to an Instagram Story Feature.

Assuming you’re hoping to add a post to your extremely durable feed and credit the first maker, read about how to do that in the following segments. For the present, how about we figure out how you can repost content to your Story and add it to your features.

1. Select the Post/Reel you want to repost

In the first place, find the right satisfied to impart to your devotees. You can do this through a few roads:

  • Look for industry hashtags and repost well known posts by different brands and influencers.
  • Look for branded hashtags, which will show you user-generated content made by your clients and fans
  • See the posts you’ve been tagged in and repost any that line up with your brand
  • Track down brands that you appreciate and repost the content that most lines up with your image

Recollect that you can repost content from clients and brands with public profiles.

Note: You can likewise repost others’ stories, inasmuch as you’re tagged in them. You can find those who’ve referenced you in their Story in your Direct Messages.

2. Select the Paper Airplane Symbol on the Post/Reel

On photos and videos, the button will be situated close to the Like and Comment buttons.


On Reels, it will be situated between the Comment button and the three dots.


3. Select the pop-up menu, click “Add post to your story.”

A pop-up menu will show up with a few choices. In the event that you’re sharing a post, you have the choice to add it to your story, answer to the story (assuming that they permit answers), or send the post by means of Direct Message to anybody you’ve informed as of late.

Comparative choices seem when you attempt to share a Reel. Click Add post to your story and also you can select Add reel to your story.

4. Click to show and hide the post’s caption

Then, you ought to see a draft of your story. You have the choice of one or the other appearance or concealing the inscription. Essentially tap the post to flip between the two.

5. Add text, stickers, hashtags, and more

To get the absolute most commitment and adjust the repost with your image, tidy up the story with text and different components. You could in fact add a connection or a call-to-action. The post to flip between the two.

6. Share your story by click “Your Story” option

Now is the right time to complete your repost. At the bottom, click the button that says “Your Story.” This will naturally shared it to no extra activity required.

You likewise have the choice to click “Close Friends”, in the event that you just believe a select group should see your story. Last, assuming that you click the right-hand arrow, you’ll see extra choices to share the post through DM or with your  close friends.

7. Add the post to your Highlights Option

While Instagram doesn’t permit you to share presents straightforwardly on your extremely permanent feed, you can add it to one of your Features, which will remain for all time on your profile.


Now that you’ve figured out how to repost on Instagram, you can expand your profile with content obtained from companions, family, and brands. Utilize the techniques above — being certain to refer to the wellspring of the first post — to rapidly and effectively reshare your number one content.