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Understanding Content Marketing Funnel & Its 3 Phases

NIDMM ~ Published: October 1st, 2023 ~ Content Marketing ~ 6 Minutes Reading

We all have been hearing that content is king. But you don’t know that this strategy is useful only when it can attract your audience. If you publish content without any strategy, your chances of winning are very low. There is a content marketing funnel for this. With the help of a content marketing funnel, you will be able to create your content strategy in advance. A content marketing funnel is what helps in winning the trust of your audience. 

We want to explain what a content marketing funnel is and how it works in this article. Learn more about content marketing in our advanced digital marketing course.

We will explain a content marketing funnel as well as other pertinent details that may help you gain deeper knowledge.

Content Marketing Funnel – An Overview


A content marketing funnel is exactly what? 

The content marketing funnel shows the path prospective buyers travel from having little knowledge of a company to developing a devoted and trustworthy following.

In the end, a content marketing funnel helps the potential consumer transition from ignorance about the firm to becoming a devoted patron. 

The content marketing funnel path enables potential customers who are not familiar with a company’s goods or services to learn about them, develop relationships and trust with the company, and finally become devoted customers.

Potential customers go through three stages, from not knowing about a firm to being a devoted client. 

ToFU (Top Of The Funnel), MOFU (Middle Of The Funnel), and BOFU (Bottom Of The Funnel) are the three stages.

Making your brand known to potential buyers is the main goal of the TOFU stage.

You develop solid relationships with people who shown interest in your brand or its goods/services during the TOFU stage during the MOFU stage.

The objective of the BOFU stage is to turn people into customers after establishing a relationship with them in the MOFU stage. 

Increasing brand loyalty among individuals who have already been effectively converted as paying customers is a final goal of the BOFU stage.

The four stages of TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU are Awareness, Consideration & Conversion.

Three Phases of Content Marketing Funnel

Awareness (TOFU)

Let’s start with the overview of Tofu.


The initial stage is now. 

Potential customers that come into contact with your firm during this time won’t know anything about you. 

You must let them know that your company is there to serve their needs. 

It is not your intention to shout at them, “Hey, we exist; buy our products/services,” in a loud voice.

It’s not the proper course of action. Instead, you accomplish this by providing highly instructive information that is relevant to your product or service and the wants and preferences of potential clients.

You provide potential clients with the content kinds listed below during the awareness phase:

1. Blog entries

2. Tutorial videos

3. Information graphics

4. Posts on social media


In the awareness stage, blog postings are the most significant sort of content. 

Blog postings produce the best results, even though infographics and social media pieces are also very successful. 

For this reason, make sure your blog posts are well-written and extensively keyword-researched for your potential clients. 

Additionally, when writing your blog entries, try to avoid overly self-promotional language and instead focus on educating your readers.

Consideration (MOFU)


The consideration step is stage two. 

You aim to gain the trust of those who expressed interest in your company, product, or service during the awareness phase during this phase. 

The deliberation stage is essential since one of the key elements affecting people’s purchasing decisions is their faith in your company.

To those who are still considering your offer, you might present the following content types:

1. How-to manuals

2. Webinars 

3. Case studies 

4. Landing pages 

5. eBooks


During the consideration stage, you are welcome to market your own goods and services.

In this stage, your company has gained some credibility and people are aware of it, so you may start self-promotion.

Self-promotion of your goods or services must be moderate and not excessive.

Conversion (BOFU)


The majority of organizations view this as the final stage of their content marketing funnel because this is where customers really make their purchases. 

Here, potential customers convert to paying clients. 

Unlike most firms, we won’t think of this as the end because there is still one more step to go. 

Giving your customers the knowledge they need to decide whether or not to purchase your product or service is the goal of this phase. 

People get a great deal of confidence in their decision to buy your good or service throughout the conversion period.

Content of the conversion phase includes:

1. Surveys

2. Reviews 

3. Product Manual 

4. Consumer feedback


In this stage, you are turning nurtured prospects into paying customers. 

Writing content alone won’t cut it in this situation; you’ll need to shift your attention to copywriting. 

Copywriting is the art of convincing readers to make a purchase. Make sure you write really well-written text throughout this step in order to offer your goods or service to your audience. 

Delight (BOFU)


Your content marketing funnel has come to an end. 

Ideally, you want your current customers to stick around and become advocates for your company, its goods, and services. 

Additionally, this is the time when you aim to get repeat business from your consumers. You can employ material like: in order to accomplish this.

1. Member-only material

2. Promotional offers

3. Freebies


The final stage of the content marketing funnel is when many companies do the same error. 

They distribute the same content with all of their customers rather than segmenting their audience.

It’s not a smart notion; you should divide your audience into loyalty groups and tailor your material to each group.

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As a last point, we would want to reiterate the importance of having all of your content marketing funnel materials prepared. 

Many people neglect to create content for the other phases of their content marketing funnel and just create content for the first or second phases. 

If you do this, your efforts won’t provide the best outcomes. 

To maintain confidence in your outcomes, it is also crucial to have all of your material prepared for each stage of the content marketing funnel.